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Theory+Practice™ focuses on finding immediate, actionable insights with a sharp view of our client’s data assets.

By presenting clear roadmaps for implementing data-centric strategies and tactics we enable a more customer-centric approach.


Client Showcase

We work with down-to-earth clients who are dedicated to getting the most from their data by focusing on the questions that matter, understanding their data readiness and value the advantages insights bring to their business.


Large Multi-chain Retailer

A world-class retail company with over $6B in revenue and 40,000 employees with multiple chains each with physical stores and an online presence.

Key Questions:

What is the probability of return for each item in a basket?

What is the unique value of each potential intervention given these predicted probabilities?

What is the most appropriate intervention for each particular case?

Actionable Results:

  • Theory+Practice designed two models that predict the probability of return for each item in the basket.  The models were validated, trained and production ready within 6 months.
  • To maximize their performance and scalability in deployment, the models are prepared to be trained with the most up to date data.
  • On the top end, our work determined an opportunity of over $6 million. At the same time, on the bottom end, we highlighted the potential risk of a million dollar negative return.
  • Significantly, by linking this range of returns to an intelligent intervention model, our client will be able to implement a targeted value maximization strategy – where the most appropriate interventions are applied to customer interactions in real-time.

Global Delivery &
Logistics Company

A high-profile Fortune 500 company that operates worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services.

Key Questions:

By how much can we improve the visibility of the client’s customer base from the current 7%?

Can we achieve a 360 view of the customer when we are not confident in the accuracy of the data, when the data is in silos, and is interpreted differently by internal stakeholders?

Actionable Results:

  • We created more than 20 custom data-sets to establish baseline analytics, and enable highly personalized and targeted marketing campaigns that would increase customer engagement, spend, and loyalty leading to a direct contribution to the company’s bottom line.
  • By bringing clarity and understanding to how the data is captured, stored and transformed, marketing effectiveness can now be measured, allowing for changes to be made quickly and transparently.
  • Removing data silos through correlating and aggregating many different data-sets across several business units increased the speed and efficiency of accessing data and producing analytics 10x.

International Luxury
Goods Retailer

This international luxury goods brand has over $900 million in revenues and a global footprint across five continents.

Key Questions:

Can we create a single view of the customer by aggregating POS and e-commerce data from multiple geographical retail outlets?

Can we increase efficiency by eliminating manual, time-intensive, and ad-hoc data pulls for reporting?

Actionable Results:

  • Resolved thousands of data inconsistencies by creating a single, secure, cloud-based, consolidated data-mart by integrating 30 unique multi-language data sources  totaling 6.5 million rows.
  • Created enterprise-level guidelines for standardizing data and defined the ‘ideal’ technical architecture to enable scaling.
  • Create a number of insight-driven customer dashboard views that business stakeholders can immediately use that elevated critical customer insights and hidden audience preferences.

Leading Legal
Solutions Company

One of the leading providers of legal solutions for small businesses and families. This Legal Solutions Company is valued at over $2 billion and serves over 3.6 million customers.

Key Questions:

Can website and purchase data be used to understand customer preference and foster better engagement, retention, and long-term loyalty?

Actionable Results:

  • Added 7 new data practices to improve customer engagement, increased website conversion and marketing ROI, and predicted LTV of a customer.
  • Combined Google Analytics with transaction data and created a hyper-personalized view of the customer’s behaviors. With a deep segmentation exercise we created a 360 degree view of the customer. We shed light on very different trends in behavior across different client segments that highlighted the customer’s intent, and how to optimize their products and services.

International NGO

An international NGO, with the mission to partner with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through education and implementation of sustainable engineering projects.

Key Questions:

Can we identify and understand the impact of important community network effects?

Actionable Results:

  • Focusing on specific network segments will have a positive and measurable impact on the NGO’s business objectives.
  • Creating meaningful linkages between an individual’s engagement, and growth of the overall network.

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