The Science of Complexity.
The Art of Simplicity.

In data complexity we see opportunities. Opportunities for greater business understanding, empowered decision making, and deeper customer relationships.

Your Data Science Department

We offer a range of services to help you stay ahead of an ever-changing market, including data analysis and strategies, automated and integrated AI, and behavioural economics.


Data Strategy & Real-Time Analytics

Unlock the power of data and deliver direct business benefits, without a huge investment.  View your data clearly, in real-time, empowering you to make the right decisions at the right moment.


Automated & Integrated AI

Harness the full power of integrated AI within a live system with data feedback loops, designed with business use-cases and bottom-line in mind.


Behavioural Economics

Move towards hyper-personalization by building algorithms which have individuals’ incentives and drivers at their core.


Our Process and Tools

We employ a uniquely collaborative, and results-driven process that starts with identifying your business goals. Using PhD-driven expertise and the most advanced tools available, we uncover your opportunities and create the big data solutions to capitalize on them. This is our methodology for your success.  

AI & Predictive Analytics

Algorithms to determine customer behaviour.

Behavioral Economics

Game theory, network analysis and econometrics.


Relationship mapping and information consolidation.

Integrated Automation

Real-time analytics using the power of AI.

Want to take the next step and to put your company’s data to work?

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